Nascar Icon H A Humpy Wheeler Joins Track Chics Advisory Board

Humpy Wheeler is legendary in the world of Motorsport.. HA Humpy Wheeler, Jr., one of the main promoters of NASCAR car racing, decided to join Chics Track Advisory Committee.

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Tantrum Lindsay Lohan At The Airport The Emma Roberts Diss

u003cP u003e u003c / p u003e Lindsay Lohan may have had some problems at the airport. Hollyscoop Emma Roberts adds that seems contrary to Lindsay Lohan career. It is a diss? The Hollyscoop gals offer this.. L Huffington Post has an article that takes note of the fact that the former child star may have created an airport do not shake when t get his way for a first-class.

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Costner Packs The Barn

Themselves crammed in the barn of a 95-year-old barn to see Kevin Costner movie star and his band Modern West, performed a series of songs that included Leland, Iowa. Leland shines as star of the film and the band perform a series for the residents by Bob Fenske Summit Leland Little hit the big time last Wednesday afternoon, and seemed nearly all residents in a city of 250 has been the existence of a part of it . And they loved every minute of it..

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Kevin Costner Plays The Blue Note

The band, Kevin Costner modern western, features the Academy Award winner as a singer and acoustic guitarist. Around his neck was another picture, and has had many more in its portfolio.. Steffi Simon, 84, who came from San Carlo to see Costner, brought his black and white polka dot purse with two photos of fashion Costner displayed on the front.

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Dj Decks In Backyard And Vegetables In Plate

Ellen and Portia are a gay couple in Hollywood.. However, they are not nearly the same age. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi celebrate their birthdays together, to take place within five days. Ellen celebrated her 51st birthday on Sunday, and celebrated its 36th Door.

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